“CLOWN & CATS” 28.02.2021-15:00


28.02.2021 – 15:00 Sunday

The most Unique show in the World!

Dmitry Kuklachev returns with his cat Theater in Switzerland after the big success in 2016.

 32 cats, 2 small dogs and 10 artists on stage.
In the most fun show dedicated to the world of cats!

His motto is “You can try to do almost anything with your cat, but in case of violence the cat will never forgive and you will lose his trust…” 

In both shows, each lasting 40 minutes, you can see more than 30 cats and two dogs. Do not miss this show, the only one in the world created in Moscow in the seventies.

But cats are not the only protagonists of the show: they are guided by a clown and they perform incredible things thanks to the connection with a man who has seduced them!

Cats have been living with humans for almost 4000 years. They catch the mice, play with the children and look at the dogs with arrogance, but it seems that they were patiently waiting for someone to trust …and this has finally happened!

Cats are very proud and independent. You cannot force a cat to take a particular action, so at the Cats Theater we do not use the word “training”.

It is an area of love and kindness and only in this atmosphere cats can accept to participate in the tricks on the stage and behave like real ones.

Full price:

Adultes VIP Fr. 100.-/ Cat.1 Fr. 79.-/ Cat.2 Fr. 59.-/ Cat. 3 Fr. 39.–
Children till 10 years with adult:
VIP Fr. 80.-/ Cat.1 Fr. 49.-/ Cat.2 Fr. 29.-/ Cat. 3 – Fr. 19.–
VIP Ticket includes best position and show gadget.

Discount of 10% for groups up 10 people only contacting to
The exchange option for customers is possible for all data. Please contact the organizer.

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